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Structure and program

This year Létanec brings an opportunity to go through two consequent journeys with inspiring teaechers. To research, create, simplify, be – in a small format of 40 dancers. The pre-festival workshop is one day extended and will set a solid and yet moldable ground for the adventure of the festival. The festival will have two intensives, one in the indoor barn and other on the outside platform and around.

Pre-festival workshop extended with Kirstie Simson
(September 5-8)

Thursday  – arrival, class in the afternoon, welcome circle in the evening
Friday – morning – workshop, afternoon lecture and screening
Saturday – morning – workshop, afternoon jam
Sunday – morning – workshop, lunch – goodbyes/transition

Festival: intensives with Charlie Morrissey
and Sarantoula Sarantaki (September 9-14)

Sunday – afternoon arrival, evening – welcome jam 
Monday – morning – intensives, afternoon – labs, evening jam
Tuesday – morning – intensives, afternoon – labs, evening jam
Wednesday – silent morning and 8 hour jam
Thursday – morning – intensives, afternoon – research, rehearsal for performative evening
Friday – morning intensives, afternoon Underscore
Saturday – morning – last class into jam, lunch and goodbyes