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tanec Autumn 2022

Celebrating 50 years of CI

26th August – 4th September in Trstenice, Czech Republic

Pre-festival workshop 26th – 28th August with Mor Bergman (Israel)

Festival and Jam Marathon 28th August – 4th September

Festival intensive with Leonardo Lambruschini (Italy)

And more surprises.

For people of all colours, gender identities, body types and type of movement experience.
We invite those who feel like co-creating a participative event, space for learning, unlearning and being with other. This is an all-inclusive experience asking for engagement.

Létanec is held in an antique farmhouse which is in the process of transformation into an art and residency place. The venue has a generous dancing studio with window views into the green, soft baletisol floor.
The place is in nature in a calm place outside the village with a lot of space to wander around.

Inside the house in shared bedrooms or a shared outside yurt.

We provide a delicate and balanced vegetarian/vegan diet suitable for dancers of all kinds. The food is based on local products available in the season.